24 May 2017


Today I wanted to take a look at ten eclectic living spaces which have caught my eye on Pinterest recently. I'm all about the mismatched, eclectic influences in interiors, and each of these rooms have something I'd love to translate into my own space.

I think the key to creating this look in your own home is starting with one statement piece of furniture. As you can see from these rooms, each piece has been bought for its own purpose, not because it matches the rest of the room or fits a space. The mix of the purple velvet chair below, for example, team with a retro Eames chair shouldn't work, but the yellow rug and statement additions like the oversized table lamp and vase, bring the look together perfectly.

It's about filling the space with unique homeware - notice there's no Ikea in this mix - think more things you've picked up from your travels, pieces discovered at a second hand store, even brand new bits of furniture which have that little je ne sais quoi about them.

Other ideas include adding a mixture of cushions, complimentary in tone but contrasting prints. And why not create your own wall gallery with statement pieces of artwork against a neutral backdrop. Creating your own abstract canvas is super easy, especially when you can pick up a canvas and paints relatively cheap from Hobbycraft and screws and tools from the likes of Engelbert Strauss, which offers a huge range of low-cost workwear, work shoes, tools and equipment.

Make sure you’re creating an amazing shelfie by filling up your bookcase with plants, books, photographs. Now is not the time to be stripping back and going minimalist. Scandinavian fans, this trend might not be the one for you.

I don't think there's any other genre of interior design I like more than eclectic and bohemian inspired right now, and even though it’s can seem incredibly daunting to try and achieve this look, once you’ve found your personal style and realised what can it can look amazing. For further eclectic interior inspiration I’d recommend checking out both Swoon Worthy and Sarah Akwisombe.


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